All You Can Eat Japanese & Chinese Restaurant

Restaurant Closed down From Sept 18,2016 to Sept 30,2016 for renovation and ownership change. Sushi Eight Crew
This restaurant should have closed two years ago. Previous management left us nothing but almost $80000 HST debt and bad reputations. All the item were under priced.Some items are even losing money on it.They though they made a lots of sales but they forgot about HST was NOT part of sales. So that we have to try our best to catch up the TAX by cutting the cost(We didn’t hire any dishes wash we wash dishes ourselves ) and also improve the service and food quality to make more sales.We did make more sales but we didn’t realize the expense that we cut would become more
profits so that we have to pay more tax. We could never catch it up.Endless TAX!!!! So that we gave it up. It’s hard to say good-bye to this town and Good friends.Anyhow, Thank you for your two years’ support.Best wishes to everyone in town.:)

HST Owing from Sept 2013 to Sept 2014.

Our first Christmas in Grimsby. Dec 2014

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